My spouse and I are now empty nesters.

I have dreaded this since the day I became a mom. Really. I was actively haunted by it—having to calm myself with the number of years I still had before each kid would launch. Yes, them growing and heading into their own lives is what we parent for. We wish nothing short of this for them. But, wow, is it hard to let them go.

Working in the foster care space, we see children removed from families not because they are young adults striking out on their own, but because of challenges in their families of origin. Thus by necessity, in the placement and foster family side of things, we focus on the children in our care. However there are two things I think about every day. One, is that the well-being of the family of origin is deeply tied to the well-being of the child. Moreover, the other is that these separations are heartbreaking for everyone in that family, and that some of these removals do not have to happen or can at least be repaired.

For so many of us, the healthy independence of our children is painful even when those relationships are loving and connected. It’s hard to imagine the traumatic separation for parents and kids when the child still needs our daily presence and when crisis and pain led to that separation.

I can wallow in the sadness around us like a pro. I still do sometimes. Nevertheless, for Second Nurture, like all foster care organizations, wallowing is not an option. It is our obligation to be engaged in the system and, with each child placed in the care of one of our families, do everything we can to maintain those relationships and our kids and their parents of origin be the family that will one day, have that bittersweet and healthy separation. We hope that our foster families will be there, by the parents’ sides, smiling through tears.

Susan Silverman, CEO of 2N

The first quarter of the year 2022 has been very busy. We are glad that things are getting back to normal with our activities.

We held Purim events for families in Nefesh, IKAR and TIOH synagogues, where we provided fun activities for

Andrea King holds a 2N Purim booth activity at the IKAR Purim carnival.

children and talked with the parents about fostering and giving back to the community through uplifting the most vulnerable.

To our delight people responded and we are welcoming new cohort members.

We are collaborating with more wonderful social service agencies and communities including Aviva, Change Reaction, Children's Action Network, Pico Union Project, A Home Within, Fostermore, She Ready, Foster Together, Temple Israel of Hollywood and Congregation Tikvat Jacob Beth Torah.

We are still busy with monthly cohort meetings as well as an array of online seminars, counselling sessions and long-anticipated panels.

We have an upcoming event in LA on the afternoon of June 19th meaningfully named "I'm Not Garbage" in partnership with She Ready, Comfort Cases and The Book Foundation. This will be a big packing event the purpose of which is to provide children in LA County with suitable travel cases full of useful and fun items.

Come and help us pack! You can RSVP here.

Esther Fuerster-Ashkenazi, Director of Development and Communications, 2N

There are a number of exciting things that have been happening in Columbus, Ohio!

This past March we officially launched our first affiliate branch and have implemented the Second Nurture model in three Columbus partner communities: Temple Israel, First Church, and Tifereth Israel. Together, they represent the Broad Street Interfaith Alliance, a co-op of faith-based communities that work in partnership with us to share ideas, leverage resources, and create a more diverse support network for our foster families.

Our expansion was only possible through the generous support of the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, The Columbus Foundation, and the United Way of Central Ohio.

The activities of Second Nurture have received attention of the Columbus Dispatch. You can read the whole article here.

Next week, on Tuesday, May 17th, 6-7pm ET we will co-host our first foster orientation with our incredible community partner, The Buckeye Ranch. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. Register here to join us. If you have additional questions, email me at

We hope to see you there!

Courtney Keys, Regional Director 2N Columbus