Our Best Campaign Yet!

Thank you to our board members for giving this campaign their all—and providing a matching grant to launch it. We raised more money and got more social media followers than in any campaign before. 30,000 people watched our video. The 2N movement is growing!

See Susan’s quick thanks below.

Our Clergy: Meeting New Needs

Clergy gather quarterly to learn about 2N resources and share their own educational, programmatic and ritual ideas to better serve families who foster and adopt.

“No two stories are the same, no two pathways are the same. Second Nurture is there to support families throughout their fostering / adoption journey. They helped us realize that this is indeed the path we needed to be on.“ (Cohort member)

Meet Chaya Lev, Religious School Coordinator

Chaya earned a Certificate of Jewish Studies from the Melton School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and taught Jewish Studies at Temple Shalom in Dallas, TX. She now lives in Tel Aviv where she created the robust Chaya Dance Movement which combines dance with Torah and healing.

Cohort member Matt explains Second Nurture, professor style. We love our families!

We are in the final days of our Foster Care Awareness month matching grant. Can you help make up the $3,000 we have left to go?

Growing Families, Loving Communities

Dear Friends,

In this newsletter we give you a peek into our families, an update on our newly launched program in Columbus, and show you our brand new two-minute video conveying our unique model!

Our New Video

Please take a look out our brand new video with narration by our own, inimitable, former foster youth, superstar and 2N Board Member, Tiffany Haddish! Check it out!

A Second Nurture family welcomes teenager L!

L was delighted by the welcome gifts her new community sent, including games for family game night, a pampering basket, and matching slippers for her and her new foster parents for a cozier shutdown during Covid.

Another Second Nurture family welcomes baby brother!

Baby G’s brand new biological brother, L, joined him and his foster mom, K. And we are overjoyed that this 2N community made it possible to keep siblings together! K told us, “As a single mom I thought I would have one child. When I got the call that G’s brother was born, I was in shock. Without Second Nurture I would not have been able to say yes.”

We think the excitement wore little G out!


We launched our mentorship program in Columbus! Former foster youth, ages 18-24, joined mentors from Harmony Project. What open-minded, open-hearted young people! It is a privilege to get to know them and join them as they launch into meaningful adulthoods. And we are so excited to see them join the Harmony Project Choir!

And speaking of Columbus…

Welcome to the newest member of the Second Nurture team!

Thank you…

…for taking this peek into our work, our communities and watching our video. We are filled with gratitude for you joining with us to make this all happen. With love, Susan