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Family and Community Activities

While membership works towards foster and adoption or to support it, we work with leadership to integrate the value of foster and adoption into community culture. Through community events educational materials help you explore foster and adoption themes, and lift them up as a cultural value. (Some of the resources have a Jewish lens, but can be adapted to your community culture.)


Pack suitcases or knapsacks with needed (and fun) supplies for donation.  Simultaneously, you will educate your community about the lives of youth in foster care who move from one place to another with all their belongings in garbage bags.

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Community  members who are interested in mentoring, fostering and/or adopting, meet foster youth in a safe, fun and interactive environment. Here, find programs and activities.

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This is the core of the community-within-the-community: a  consistent gathering of  families who have adopted, are fostering, or are just starting to consider becoming a foster family. There,  the parents share their experiences, get supportand,  occasionally,  meet a special guest who offers a useful expertise while the kids play together in a separate room.

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Family Activities

Community Activities


Products, workshops and webinars for this internationally acclaimed program that has helped over 20,000 children and their parents. WISE UP provides a safe place for children to express their feelings about being adopted and prepare them for a classmate’s question, neighbor’s remark and insensitive school assignments.

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Life Books

Life Books help children tell, and therefore master, their own unique, and sometimes mystery-filled or complicated‚ stories, as well as solidify their understanding of the permanency of their adoptive families.
From Beth O’Malley:

Creating a Treasure for the Adopted Child

The Child Welfare Information Gateway

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