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Meeting the Challenge

Friends and Family,


It's been another challenging year for us all. At 2N we aim to keep hope and possibility alive for kids facing these times alone and outside of family care, by bringing forth families to hold, guide and love them—and to help their wider community to support them— as long as needed. 


2022 will bring expansion within our LA community partners—recruiting more foster families, reaching out to more volunteers to support those families, and continuing to educate and train our partner clergy who have been eager to learn how to best serve foster families.


I hope that you can support Second Nurture with your tax-deductible contribution today.


Also 2022 brings the fulfillment of our launch in Columbus, OH, where we have, and are making new partnerships with churches and synagogues. These communities will, in part, specialize in fostering adolescents who are in addiction treatment programs. Supported by their communities, families will be able to foster kids who really need them.


Thank you for your continued support. None of this could happen without you.

With love and gratitude,





P.S. Your gift to Second Nurture is fully tax-deductible. Please give today to help foster families get the community of caring that they need.

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