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Meet Our Cohort Families

& Their Host Communities

We partner with communities across the country to prioritize and pursue fostering and adoption.

2N Host Communities

Early Talmudic commentators argued that, if caring for the needs of the community can be defined as a mitzvah, then someone occupied in such work need not stop community service for other mitzvot, like prayer. Why interrupt doing one good thing for another, they reasoned, when both are in service to G-d? 


Said another way: community service is prayer in action.


Second Nurture is proud to galvanize communities around service to foster and adoptive youth and families via partnership with six Los Angeles synagogues (and growing!). Each supports families in every stage of the fostering and adoption process. These are true communities of service.


Meet the communities that are transforming lives for foster and adoptive youth in Los Angeles.

Second Nurture Families

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