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Fall Newsletter on Giving Tuesday

Second Nurture is circles of love and support—and it is such a gift to be part of that belonging with our families and communities. The Wilshire Boulevard Temple continues to grow and to meet by Zoom for our special brunches of sharing, learning and support. And now we have two more communities meeting monthly: Nefesh and IKAR. We are so grateful for the way the families support each other, families already fostering and adopting lending guidance to those just starting on the path, everyone offering their wisdom to one another, and our professional consultants and social service partners doing all they can to lift our families up.

Our partners at Children's Bureau, always game for a new initiative to give kids the love and stability they need, have helped us initiate a supported path for families to offer transitional care for youth who are newly removed from a household and need a safe, loving place to be while the best possible long-term plan is made for them. A thoughtful transitional plan makes it more likely that siblings can stay together in the long-term, that trauma is minimized, capacity for growth and healthy relationships are maximized and children are safe. This path is now available at all our partner communities.

And Columbus! This has this been a long haul—but worth it. Courtney Keys is on-the-ground coordinating all the partners, Starfish Alliance has completed the insightful and rich curriculum, curious, engaged young people from Carol Stewart Village are signing up and Donato's is giving us loads of pizza over the coming months. And, we are so excited to have have hired our new group mentorship facilitator, Te'Asia Tarver. Check us out—and support us—at

With love and blessings for health and well-being, Susan


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