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On a Personal Note: A view of the horizon

A magnificent view to the horizon.

And a precipice.

I am awash with an immense sense of possibility and in the next breath dizzying vertigo. The joy in being there for our families, the exhilaration of seeing our “brand” solidify—and the aching knowledge that we could cultivate and support so many more foster families so kids are not flailing and unseen.

All around us are the components we need to build the bridge to a thriving national model. It’s time to bring them together into the strong, impactful infrastructure that will nurture 2N Regions and Communities nationwide.

We on the Executive Team—Jen Moran, Esther Fuerster-Ashkenazi and I—are ready to contract, to no longer be involved in the day to day running of 2N Regions and communities. We are ready to see our local 2N Teams take the reins while we fuel them—and new emergent 2N Regions nationwide —with systems, data, best practices, training materials, educational resources through web-based and in-person conferences.

This is what I am spending my time thinking about, planning and implementing every day. And in that process, reaching out to so many wise and experienced people in so many realms who are helping us build that sturdy bridge to a future where whole communities step up to hold kids and the families that love them.

We will contract in order to expand, so that more and more 2N Regions can thrive and flourish independently—but with our support—a Second Nurture for Second Nurture!

Susan Silverman, CEO


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