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What's New in LA: Second Nurture Upcoming Event

The first quarter of the year 2022 has been very busy. We are glad that things are getting back to normal with our activities.

We held Purim events for families in Nefesh, IKAR and TIOH synagogues, where we provided fun activities for

Andrea King holds a 2N Purim booth activity at the IKAR Purim carnival.

children and talked with the parents about fostering and giving back to the community through uplifting the most vulnerable.

To our delight people responded and we are welcoming new cohort members.

We are still busy with monthly cohort meetings as well as an array of online seminars, counselling sessions and long-anticipated panels.

We have an upcoming event in LA on the afternoon of June 19th meaningfully named "I'm Not Garbage" in partnership with She Ready, Comfort Cases and The Book Foundation. This will be a big packing event the purpose of which is to provide children in LA County with suitable travel cases full of useful and fun items.

Come and help us pack! You can RSVP here.

Esther Fuerster-Ashkenazi, Director of Development and Communications, 2N


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