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Word from Susan Silverman, Spring 2022

Dear Friends!

This spring newsletter I wanted to start with a thank you note.

Thank you for making all the things you are reading about in this newsletter possible. The word inspiration always felt a little schmaltzy to me, and not really specific enough to be sincere. So I will say that throughout my meetings all day, I am constantly whispering “wow”.

“Wow” to the professionals at our social service partners who are day to day working with teens who have been trafficked, are parenting their own young children, or are on probation. Professionals who are fighting to keep siblings together, to find an adolescent or teen or Transition Age Youth the support and love and person to say: “I see you”; that's what we all need. Fighting to find a safe and loving home for a child whose primary family needs some time. Fighting to bring as much dignity as possible to the life of a child who is moved from one place to another unfamiliar place with their belongings in trash bags.

I am whispering “wow” to the clergy and other leaders who are creating communities in which families are supported to step up and foster successfully, teary “wows” to the families who are welcoming these young people into their homes and hearts, and a huge “wow” to the foundations who are thinking and acting strategically for the sake of each child and, as a result, for a better society. Last, but not the least, a “wow” to you, who has supported this work generously and lovingly.

I am now starting a bi-monthly blog on our website with brief thoughts I'd like to share from a personal perspective on the world of foster care. See the first installment here.

Susan Silverman, CEO


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